What They Do: Software

Founded: 2012

Funding: $740M


About Netskope

Netskope is a software company that helps organizations understand online activities, protect data, stop threats, and respond to incidents. The company provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real-time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remote, or from a mobile device. It also helps companies protect data and protect against threats in cloud applications, cloud infrastructure, and the web.


Feb 6, 2020: $34000000

Nov 13, 2018: $168.700000

Jun 6, 2017: $100000000

Sep 3, 2015: $75000000

May 15, 2014: $35000000

Oct 13, 2013: $15.900000

Jan 1, 2013: $5.500000

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