Just Eat

What They Do: Food & Beverage

Founded: 2011

Funding: $440M

Website: ju.st

Just Eat offers a plant-based egg substitute intended to provide healthy and nutritional food alternatives. It applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods and the key ingredient is protein from the mung bean and it is cholesterol-free, non-GMO, and packed with as much protein as many animal proteins and while it cooks and tastes like eggs. Its ingredients use less water, less land, and emit less CO2e than conventional animal sources, enabling customers to prepare their food items with the required nutrients and protein of an egg.


Mar 23, 2021: $200000000

Dec 18, 2014: $90000000

Aug 1, 2015: $120000000

Feb 17, 2014: $23000000

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More Current Opportunities