The Proccess

The Proccess

1. Gain Free Access To Register As A Member
Sign up as a member and we will verify your accreditation status. Your membership will be activated immediately, and you will gain full access to the networks opportunities. Please note that you must meet the SEC’s definition of an “Accredited Investor” to view our offerings. There are multiple ways to qualify and a full questionnaire is available when you create membership on the platform.

2. Reserve Your Membership Holdings Within Our Network
Browse all available investments in the network and get access to your membership holdings with your consultant. Your consultant will walk you through the steps of finding the company shares, then receiving the PPM and filling out the paperwork. The executed subscription documents will confirm your position. The Funds we select from our network will keep you abreast of any important membership holdings updates via email and you will receive a partnership holdings statement monthly. The Funds we work with have already done the work with the company and the shareholders to complete the transaction, including resolving important issues like the company’s Right of First Refusal or any other issues that may come up. The Funds we work with will only offer shares after it has already secured them and completed the right of first refusal process.

3. Complete Final Paperwork Easily Within Our Network
You will need to execute the final subscription documentation and initiate a wire transfer to complete the transaction. Upon receiving all the necessary documents and the wire transfer you will then be a member of the Fund and will be able to take a position in any companies that are offered through the fund without having to complete this process again.

4. Costs Of Your Membership Holdings
The Funds we work with DO NOT charge any upfront fees with this transaction, the only costs involved are charged on the back end of the membership holdings after there is some sort of liquidity event. At which time, there will be a 20% fee charged on any profitable portion of your membership holdings, after your initial principle is recouped. No other fees will be assessed.

5. Refer A Friend
The Fund does not actively seek new members. Our growth has come from our incredible referral program and our unique customer service. We believe in growing organically from with-in, so we have developed a program that allows the current members to become partners in The Fund and receive a portion of the 20% profit sharing charged to the back-end of any investment done by anyone you refer to The Fund. After becoming a member of The Fund ask your consultant for the documentation to benefit from this unique opportunity.